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Researchers identify a molecule critical to functional brain rejuvenation

Recent studies suggest that new brain cells are being formed every day in response to injury, physical exercise, and mental stimulation. Glial cells, and in particular the ones called oligodendrocyte

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Simple blood test can accurately reveal underlying neurodegeneration

A new study of over 3000 people led by King’s College London in collaboration with Lund University, has shown for the first time that a single biomarker can accurately indicate

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High caffeine consumption may be associated with increased risk of blinding eye disease

Consuming large amounts of daily caffeine may increase the risk of glaucoma more than three-fold for those with a genetic predisposition to higher eye pressure according to an international, multi-center

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Cell and colony motion index of oral keratinocytes predicts epithelial regenerative capacity

A comprehensive investigation on cells and colony motion offers new insight into the proliferative and epithelial regenerative capacities of human primary oral keratinocyte cultures with implications for quality control of

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Gene research uncovers promising combination therapy for triple negative breast cancer

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women around the world, responsible for 1,700 deaths every day. Although the vast majority of breast cancers are treatable, the

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New method of gene analysis prevents early death in familial hypercholesterolemia

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have investigated how a newly developed algorithm in connection with gene analysis can be used to improve the possibilities of preventing premature vascular disease and death

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